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Sorry for lack of posts, we've been away but will be back on monday. Though i should be studying and not watchin tv!

Just one quick thing about home and away! Did you see it? Its been great this week, very dramatic. And its quite cool as it seems we are only two weeks behind the ozzy's!

Posted by ShoZu


We've spent the last few days watchin alias in bed. I love alias, i always have, since the first time i saw it on channel 4. Its great havin them all on box set's. Its funny how relaxin it is, even tho its essentially stressful! I think its because we know it so well, its like ER. One thing i have learned from alias is that whenever you've stolen somethin or ur somewhere where u dont belong, and then get caught, just pretend you were lookin for the loo. It always works.
Think my favorite character is still jack bristow, he grows so much as a character. Its nicely done.

Even tho i know it so well, i still dont want to miss a second me it?

Posted by ShoZu

Embarrassing illnesses

I really enjoy this program. Who doesn't like to look at freaky things! Well most of the time its not that freaky but just weird. That girl the other day that had those verucas was quite something. Iv never quite understood tho why people are too embarrassed to go to their gp, between the two of them, but are fine to get it out in front of millions! Least no one would know you had one massive tit if u just went to ur gp. There was this women the other day that said she's never showed herself naked to her husband but she's showed it to the nation!

Now i know that a big part of people going on there is because they get quick and in alot of cases free private treatment. Which i must say even i find enticing. Its great viewing tho! I think its quite good for people to know they can try and get things sorted but also that a massive range of things are normal.

Jen and i are so sad tho, we tend to be able to diagnose people just by what they say. I think we would make excellent tv doctors!

Posted by ShoZu

Well here I am. Not really sure what Im going to do with this yet. I get a bit worried when I talk about tv too much but I do like a good rant and rave about it all. And a laugh, I spend so much time watching it, and even more time talking about it.

I am currently watching the Football, Arsenal against Man U. Its been quite a good game though rather one sided, currently 0-3 to Man u! Im suprised the fans havent all just walked out!

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